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Welcome to Athens Louisiana

Downtown Athens 1900
The nearest store at the right is that of Will Pace, general merchandise. Proceeding eastward is the Post Office and also the living quarters of George Deloach and his wife [newly weds] and the Reverend John Clampitt, later postmaster, and his family; Simpson Bros; Drug Store ( Miss Delia Lolyd rented the larger part upstairs as a millinery shop; Dr Jim Simpson also had a small office therein.) Next was Johnson's Lumber Company Commissary: beyond that not visible, was a drug store operated by Dr C. A. Bailey in connection with his medical practice. At the left is Baker Bros. store. Next is Dillon and Martin's where the first post office, which later burned stood. John Beauchamp had a jewelry store in the smaller and last store to the left. Baker Bros. and Dillon and Martin each used a one-horse wagon for delivery. Telephone service came to Athens in 1900, note the pole midway on the right side . Will Pace built a hand powered tram-car and track connecting the back door of his store to the depot, about 40 yards away, for handling his merchandise which was shipped by rail. Just east of Dr Bailey's drug store was Ed Watson's general store, sold to Will Greer in 1914 and closed for good or bad in 1963.Fletcher Marsalis Furniture , about midway, was later sold to Abb and Marvin Marsalis. R. W. Baker managed the Homer National Bank branch across the streeet, left. The branch was later discontinued and the building left empty for many years, but now in (1968) it is owned by H. P. Pace and used as a feed store. In 1919 all stores except Pace's burned down on the right side (south). Again while rebuilding, fire struck and some burnedIn 1910 a new Methodist Church was built in the area in which trees are shown in the photograph.